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September 18th, 2015

42864195_s“The string of shootings has been called domestic terrorism.” NBC News 9/15/15

The random shootings on I-10 in Phoenix Arizona has terrified a city and has residents staying off I-10 out of fear of being shot.

“The image is murky, but threatening: A phantom skulks along freeways randomly shooting into vehicles, getting an adrenaline rush or satisfying some dark compulsion,” says the reporters in the AZCentral story “Task force battles Phoenix freeway shootings with crime-solving arsenal”.

I can tell you that the crime solving arsenal that has been brought in to solve this case includes a team of the Country’s top profilers. This team analyzes the crime(s) the person committed in an effort to detect and classify the major personality and behavioral characteristics of the individual.

So what kind of person becomes a shooter of innocent people? Usually, people who do this sort of thing are seriously narcissistic individuals who harbor intense ideas of grandiosity and control. They plan these events and get a perverse excitement from terrorizing others due to their deep insecurities or chronic feelings of rejection. A narcissistic person is self-centered, selfish and lacks empathy for others. Here’s a link for more information on narcissism.

Trying to find the person or persons responsible for the I-10 Arizona shooting spree is going to rely on great detective work and on tips. Somebody knows something. It is up to us as a community — as the family, friends, neighbors, teachers, doctors, clergy and others to observe changes in the people we know and love.

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