Dr. Henry Paul, MD

Psychiatrist, Author and Educator

Is My Child Ok?

September 25th, 2013

My kindergartner insists on wearing the same dress day after day. What should I do? My twelve-year-old is a target of the class bully. Should I intervene?

My four-year-old is coming home with other kids’ toys in his pocket. Should I be concerned? Is my child normal?


(Dell Publishing, 2000) Every parent has asked the question at one time or another. Now this wise and compassionate guide, written by an expert in children’s mental health, offers reassuring words for worried parents– plus concrete ways to spot the difference between a normal stage of de- velopment…and a true problem. In most cases, childhood problems will clear up with a healthy dose of common sense and loving parental atten- tion. But sometimes professional help or medication is needed. This one- stop reference book–organized by symptom and covering everything from tantrums to learning disorders–tells parents what’s “normal,” what’s not, how best to help your child through a rocky period, and when to get an expert’s help.



  • How much fighting between siblings is “normal”
  • What to do if your child is the class bully–or the victim of a bully
  • How to determine if your child has ADD–or if he’s just a little more active and a little less patient
  • Tough questions parents must ask themselves when they’re dealing with chronic separation anxiety
  • How to help a child who suddenly refuses to go to school
  • The growing concern surrounding childhood eating disorders

Praise for “Is My Child Okay?”

“Is My Child Okay?” is one of the best ‘how to’ books I’ve seen about the common problems all parents face when perplexed about the feelings and behavior of their children. How do you know when tantrums are the result of anger or helplessness? When does sadness become depression, and what should a parent do when faced with a screaming child who is out of control? What are the signs of serious trouble? Dr. Paul covers a multiplicity of problems and offers thoughtful and practical solutions. I recommend this excellent guide for parents and mental health workers of every discipline.”
— Clarice J. Kes- tenbaum, M.D. , President of The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia University.