Dr. Henry Paul, MD

Psychiatrist, Author and Educator

Is My Teenager Ok

October 2nd, 2013


My son seems to be suffering from depression. With all these teenagers committing suicide…..what should I do?

Jimmy hasn’t been the same since his father and I got divorced — he’s angry at the world. What should I do?

I’m worried about my daughter’s preoccupation with her weight….. And her best friend was just diagnose with bulimia. What should I do?


(Kensington Publishing, 2004) Teenagers today are faced with a far wider range of media influences., subcultures, and social choices than ever before. And for parents, it can be hard to determine when adolescents have crossed a line be-tween asserting their individuality and true eating disorders, drug or drinking problems, depression or acting out beyond the “norm” for their age group. Dr. Henry A. Paul’s comprehensive look at today’s teen is organized in an easy-access, “look it up” style that allows concerned parents to cross-reference mood, behaviors, and symptoms easily — and provide reassuring words about when not to worry, as well as suggestions about what action to take if you believe your teen’s behavior warrants intervention.

Covering everything from sexual identity to tattoos and piercings, from stress and withdrawal to possible suicide, from street drugs and raves to steroids, as well as dozens of school-related issues, this caring and compassionate guide, written by an expert in the field of adolescent psychiatry, is a must-have for every concerned parent.