Dr. Henry Paul, MD

Psychiatrist, Author and Educator


November 26th, 2013

MOLLY is the name of a new drug which has been flooding the party scene and especially been marketed to teenagers.  It is made mostly in China and is very easy to get over the internet.  It has become popular at electronic music parties just like ecstasy was for many years.  Actually, it was considered pure ecstasy at first, but now you usually have no idea what you are taking when you take MOLLY.  It is a combination of synthetic drugs-over 250 compounds has been found already.  The combinations vary, and there is no way of knowing what you are taking from batch to batch.  It is usually sold as a capsule or powder.

Like club drugs of the past it is taken with the idea of becoming euphoric.  It does accomplish that sometimes but also has side effects, which can be quite dangerous.  It stimulates the nervous system which can result in rapid heart rates, high blood pressure, seizures, sweating and sometimes panic to the degree of psychotic breakdowns.  Young people have been having breakdowns, becoming violent and out of control.  Deep depression often follows use of MOLLY.  This drug has also caused death.

We have always been aware of the dangerous effects of all sorts of drugs, but MOLLY use seems even more sinister because what is being ingested is unknown.  Thus, diagnosis and treatment is more difficult, and the danger is much greater.



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